WCRM maintains all necessary facilities and equipment to run simultaneous large projects across the Western United States.  These resources range from everyday needs such as vehicles and field supplies to the latest in cutting edge computer technology and applications.  Please click on the image links below for additional information regarding resources that are available to assist all of our clients.

Laboratory and Curation Facilities

Each laboratory facility at WCRM has been designed to provide a number of services.  The laboratory's primary function is the technological and functional analysis of lithic, ceramic, metal, and glass artifacts.  All analysis is recorded using a relational database, enabling computer use for data storage, access compilation and interpretation.  The laboratory handles all preparation of samples sent to ancillary consultants.  The Farmington office houses the ethnobotanical laboratory, which also performs contract services.  The following facilities and services are available as needed: pollen, soils, faunal, lithic, obsidian hydration and sourcing, petrographic, and geochemical analyses. 

Field Equipment

Field equipment for conducting archaeological surveys, testing programs and excavation projects includes 4-wheel drive vehicles, assorted field structures, photographic equipment with various lenses, two total stations, and a variety of survey and excavation equipment, as well as field support equipment. 

Research Libraries

WCRM's research libraries in Boulder, Farmington, and Reno house a broad collection of books, journals, serials, and articles about cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, archaeology, paleontology, and history of the Great Basin, Southwest, and Plains, as well as West. Additionally, the libraries maintain current information on cultural resource and environmental compliance laws and implementing regulations. Since these laws are not static and this information is essential in completing projects for our clients with the highest level of quality and efficiency, the files are updated to reflect any changes. The Reno library contains over 1800 books, journals, cultural resource reports, and other documents, as well as a digitized reference library of an additional 1600 books, journals, articles, and other documents, including available National Register bulletins. WCRM’s Scottsdale office also houses an electronic library with more than 300 gigabytes of reports and other data from the west, and across the United States. This library also includes a body of material from DOTs from more than a dozen states and from DoD branches nationwide.

Computer and Technical Equipment

WCRM maintains current generation networks of computers and technical equipment in each of its offices. This equipment is upgraded on a rolling schedule to assure quality resources in all of our office locations (and for all of our clients). Software available on work stations includes:
•    Microsoft Office (at a minimum)
•    Microsoft Project
•    Adobe Acrobat
•    Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
•    AutoCad 3D
•    ArcGIS and Spatial Analyst extension
All deliverables, databases, and data catalogs are permanently archived on stable electronic media and stored both on- and off-site.

A sample of equipment includes:
•    High performance network (and backup) servers with redundant backup capabilities
•    Networked workstations and laptop computers (with VPN capabilities)
•    Seven Trimble and numerous Garmin GPS receivers
•    Two total stations
•    Three laser levels
•    High resolution color scanners and negative and slide scanners
•    Color and black-and-white Ink Jet & Laser Printers
•    High-volume combination Copier/Scanner/network printers
•    Color and black and white HP plotters
•    Slide projectors
•    A full array of analytical equipment for artifact/sample analyses and direct database input.

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