The Department of Defense represents one of the largest managers of federal lands in the United States.  As federal land managers, the various branches of DoD are tasked with being effective stewards of the cultural and environmental resources under their control. At the same time though, this mandate must be balanced with their essential missions.  This is established in various federal statutes, and:

DoD Instruction 4715.3 and 4715.16
Air Force Instruction 32-7065
Army Regulation 200–4 (and recently approved Section 106 Alternate Procedures)
Navy Instructions 4000.35A and 5090.8A

Obviously the delicate balancing act of compliance, stewardship, and mission creates unique challenges for DoD and its consultants.  This then makes it essential that consulting firms possess specific expertise to meet wide ranging DoD needs.

, Inc. brings nearly two decades of experience assisting DoD clients in the western United States.  Projects have spanned the full array of cultural resources compliance activities in five western states. In addition, WCRM’s senior staff provides additional nationwide experience working for all DoD branches, including the reserve services and National Guard.


Project tasks have typically included:

  • Cultural resources inventories of all scales
  • Archaeological testing/NRHP eligibility evaluations
  • Historic building inventories and evaluations
  • HABS/HAER Documentation
  • Archaeological mitigation/data recovery
  • Handling of post-review discoveries
  • Large-scale hurricane recovery efforts
  • Cultural landscape studies
  • Agency/Advisory Council coordination
  • Public involvement/interpretation programs
  • Tribal consultation
  • Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plans
  • Standard Operating Procedure preparation.

Examples of our work include inventory of more than 62,000-acres at Nellis AFB, testing/mitigation of multiple archaeological sites at Fort Carson/Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site, inventory and the Cultural Resources Management Plan preparation for Peterson Air Force Base, and Post-Review discovery evaluation and ongoing cultural resources technical at Fort Huachuca Military Reservation.  Beyond just compliance and planning though, with our recent acquisition of ARI, we provide both ARPA law enforcement and archaeological damage assessment training across the United States as well.

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