Linear projects may present unique challenges to industry proponents and consultants alike.  These projects often cross multiple jurisdictions, and require compliance with multiple sets of regulations.  In addition, such projects effectively represent sample transects that are very useful to study change across time and space, and traverse long stretches where people in the past and present have chosen to live.  As such, it is essential that a consultant understand both the nuances of the resources and the regulatory environment to ensure that a client's projects are handled efficiently.   A longstanding relationship with specific agencies and individual regulators is often an asset in planning and implementation of these somewhat complex projects.  It is likewise essential that a consultant bring the capacity and depth of experience to not only complete field efforts quickly but also deliver a quality product that will expedite review and compliance. WCRM brings more than 30 years of experience managing linear projects for clients across the western United States.

This experience ranges from minor pipeline laterals and water lines to transportaion corridors to multi-state fiber-optic, transmission, and oil and gas corridors.

Project tasks have typically included:

  • File and literature searches
  • Sensitivity assessments
  • Cultural resources inventories of all scales
  • Historic architecture surveys/building assessments
  • NRHP eligibility testing/evaluations
  • HABS/HAER documentation
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Native American consultation facilitation
  • Construction monitoring
  • Paleontological studies
  • Treatment/mitigation plan development and implementation
  • Fatal flaw analyses
  • Cultural resources support for NEPA documents (including Categorical Exclusions, Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements).

WCRM offers the expertise that helped such companies as AT&T and El Paso Energy successfully address cultural resource issues for hundreds of archaeological, historic, and sacred sites along corridors spanning multiple states. In fact, as a result of efforts for AT&T’s fiber-optic line from California to Texas, WCRM was asked to assume the role BLM Third Party Cultural Resource Consultant. This project also won an industry preservation award for both AT&T and WCRM from New Mexico State Historic Preservation Division.

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