WCRM has more than 30 years experience with mining projects relative to all phases of a mine’s life from exploration to post-closure remediation.  WCRM has completed more than 470 projects for the industry since 1978 including coal, sand and gravel, base minerals, and precious metal mines for clients from coast to coast.  WCRM has often worked with many of the same mining clients or mines through multiple projects and across many years.  For example, WCRM began work in the copper mines of the Robinson Mining District near Ely, Nevada in 1992 and in 2013 WCRM continues to complete field studies and reports for the current operator.  Mine projects often involve more than one jurisdiction and require compliance with multiple sets of regulations.

WCRM is familiar with pertinent federal regulations, such as the BLM 3809 regulations, Forest Service regulations found in Subparts A, B, C, and E of 36 CFR Part 228, those of state agencies and often county land use and zoning rules.  WCRM works closely with its clients and the regulators to assure that all the complexities of the cultural resources regulatory environment are fulfilled; allowing us to handle each client’s projects efficiently.  WCRM brings the depth of experience and knowledge to complete projects effectively and deliver a quality product to expedite the review and compliance process.  WCRM’s staff has conducted hundreds of survey and evaluation projects, dozens of treatment programs and various public interpretation and education programs that used tools such as traveling displays, publications, or brochures. 

WCRM’s mining project tasks have included:

  • File and literature searches
  • Sensitivity assessments
  • Cultural resources inventories of all scales
  • Historic architecture surveys/building assessments
  • NRHP eligibility testing/evaluations
  • HABS/HAER/HALS documentation
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Native American consultation facilitation
  • Construction monitoring
  • Paleontological studies
  • Treatment/mitigation plan development and implementation
  • Fatal flaw and due diligence analyses
  • Preparation of the cultural resources sections of NEPA documents (such as Categorical Exclusions, EAs, EIRs and EISs).

WCRM offers all of its clients the knowledge and expertise that helped such companies as AMAX, Quadra Mining/Robinson Nevada Mining, and others address their cultural resource issues for thousands of archaeological, historic, and sacred Native American sites across the western United States.

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