Oil and gas reserves are often located within extremely sensitive areas typically on lands under various federal, state, or tribal jurisdictions. Delivery requires pipeline systems create long transect states or, in some cases, across the country.  Given the nature of the cultural resources compliance processes, it is essential that a consultant have the expertise and capacity to respond quickly and effectively to client needs.  It is likewise essential that a consultant deliver a quality product to expedite review and compliance.  WCRM brings more than three decades of experience successfully providing cultural resources services to the oil and gas industry.

Since 1978, WCRM has completed more than 1,200 projects for oil and gas clients.  WCRM's efforts have covered the full array of our clients' cultural resources compliance needs. In assisting its clients, WCRM has developed a reputation both within industry and regulatory agencies for its responsiveness, efficiency, and commitment to a quality product.

Project tasks have typically included:

  • Cultural resources inventories on all scales
  • Monitoring for seismic explorations
  • Archaeological testing
  • NRHP eligibility evaluations
  • Historic building inventories and evaluations
  • HABS/HAER/HALS documentation
  • Archaeological mitigation/data recovery
  • Handling of post-review discoveries
  • Large-scale hurricane recovery efforts
  • Cultural landscape studies
  • Agency and Advisory Council of Historic Preservation coordination
  • Public involvement and interpretation programs
  • Facilitation, coordination, and documentation of Native American consultation
  • Fatal flaw and due diligence analyses
  • NEPA documents (such as Categorical Exclusions, EAs, EIRs and EISs)
  • Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plans
  • Ethnographic/Ethnohistoric overviews, assessments, and cultural landscape studies
  • Standard Operating Procedure preparation
  • Permitting and inventories for long linear projects across multiple states
  • Technical assistance and support to private companies, government agencies, and Native American tribes to promote communication and information exchange
  • Analysis and curation of materials from large-scale mitigation/data recovery projects
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