Infrastructure projects, especially those done for public entities, remain a key segment of WCRM’s business.  We have worked on infrastructure studies of all types from preliminary background file and literature searches to extensive data recovery excavations.  WCRM has completed these efforts for private entities such as water companies and land developers, for quasi-public agencies such as airport authorities as well as local, state and federal government agencies.  Our extensive experience in rural and urban environments allows WCRM to tailor each infrastructure study to the specific needs of the project and those of our clients.  We  stress the value of planning and early involvement of all interested parties to the success of the project.  WCRM also encourages consideration of the variety of impacts that can come from infrastructure projects like noise, visual, or cumulative impacts.  This helps our clients avoid costly delays or undue, avoidable impacts to cultural resources through timely compliance with federal, tribal, state, and local regulatory processes.

WCRM offers its clients more than 30 years of practical experience completing more than 400 infrastructure studies in ten western states.

Our infrastructure study services include:

  • File and literature background studies and  alternative analyses
  • Historic land-use investigations of hazardous waste site investigations
  • NEPA program support
  • Assist clients develop project-specific cultural resource programs consistent with state or national agreement documents, such as the nation-wide Programmatic Agreement for cell tower installations
  • Intensive level archaeological and architectural surveys
  • Interested party coordination and outreach activities, including Native American issue identification and consultation facilitation
  • Impact and effect analyses and mitigation plan development including expertise in the application of Section 4(f) standards for U.S. Department of Transportation projects
  • Execution of a variety of mitigation activities from Historic American Buildings Surveys (HABS) to extensive archaeological data recovery
  • Construction monitoring and discovery mitigation
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