Applied anthropology is simply "anthropology put to use." It is any kind of research or study that is employed to solve practical problems through the use of theories, methods, and ethnographic findings of anthropology. This type of research might include facilitating communication between clients, agencies, and defined cultural groups like Native Americans; gathering baseline data on cultural beliefs, practices, and places for environmental analysis; and coordinating efforts to develop culturally-appropriate mitigation of effects. WCRM offers its clients more than 36 years of experience developing and defining these types types of studies, and working with clients, agencies, and diverse cultural groups, particularly Native American tribes, to find effective solutions. 

WCRM has the expertise and staff to offer the following applied anthropological services:


  • Technical assistance and support to clients, government agencies, and Native American tribes to promote communication and information exchange regarding cultural resource issues and needs.
  • Facilitation and coordination of Native American contacts to assist federal agencies with government-to-government consultation.
  • Ethnographic and ethnohistoric overviews.
  • Identification, evaluation, and documentation of cultural beliefs, practices, and places to provide baseline data for environmental assessments.
  • Ethnographic, ethnohistoric, and historic interviews with Native American and non-Native American cultural experts.
  • Development of culturally apropriate treatment plans to lessen effects to identified cultural beliefs, practices, and places.
  • Development of culturally appropriate plans for treatment of human remains and associated burial objects, sacred objects, and objects of cultural patrimony found within existing collections or from inadvertent discoveries.
  • Development and implementation of cultural/historic preservation education programs.
  • Preparation of cultural resources components of EAs, EISs, EIRs and Categorical Exclusions.
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