In 1979, the Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA) was enacted to strengthen protection of cultural resources based on an increasing level of threat, inadequate protection from earlier federal code, and to increase cooperation among agencies, professional archaeologists, and the interested public.  ARPA also modified permitting procedures for conducting archeological fieldwork on federal and tribal lands. WCRM provides ARPA law enforcement and archaeological damage assessment training, and other expert services across the Unites States.

These services include:


  • Investigation of archaeological resource damage
  • Incident detection
  • Damage location management
  • Damage documentation and evidence processing
  • Report preparation of investigations
  • Expert witness services
  • Cost estimation for archaeological damages (archaeological damage assessment)
  • Case oversight and review
  • Training on archaeological law enforcement
  • Training archaeologists in application of the SAA standards for damage assessment
  • Training on strategies to avoid damage to archaeological sites in industry activities
  • Archaeological Resource Damage Assessment/Protection

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