Since 1980, WCRM has assisted clients across the West with a wide array of historic research services.
Hundreds of such projects have been undertaken to help our clients navigate the various federal, state,
and local compliance processes.   

Examples of historic research projects include:

  • Mitigative documentation (HABS-Historic American Buildings Survey / HAER - Historic American Engineering Record)
  • Development of historic contexts
  • Archival research
  • Preparation of popular histories
  • Deed and census research
  • Historic map research
  • Oral history research
  • Settlement pattern and land-use studies
  • Socioeconomic studies
  • National Register of Historic Places nominations
  • Public interpretation

These efforts have been completed for clients in major market sectors; mining, oil and gas, transportation, telecommunications, power and energy, public works and infrastructure, land development, nuclear and Department of Defense.  With more than 50 professionals in four offices across the West, WCRM is committed to assist our clients with even the most complicated of services.

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