NEPA is intricately connected with a variety of other cultural resources regulatory requirements. WCRM works with prime contractors and clients to evaluate and address NEPA as part of project planning with emphasis on cultural resource avoidance. We help our clients develop NEPA strategies that meet the lead agency's requirements and only if necessary require mitigation in the form of data recovery. We frequently provide these services as independent third-party consultants and as part of the larger NEPA prime contractor's team.


We have successfully completed numerous NEPA cultural resources document sections throughout the western United States for mining, infrastructure, and energy clients, and understand that the preparation of defensible NEPA documents is critical. WCRM's commitment to its NEPA clients culminated in expansion of its staff in 2010 with the addition of a nationally known consultant and university professor with over 27 years in NEPA practice and teaching.


The overriding factors that make WCRM a preferred cultural resources NEPA provider are experience, local knowledge and delivery, and on-going relationships with agency archaeologists.


WCRM staff have extensive experience preparing NEPA documentation for a wide variety of projects in the western United States. Our specialists have worked with numerous federal agencies - BLM, USACE, DOE, FERC, FRA, NRC, and USFS.

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